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Mark Mabry 
US +(1 602) 854 2091 

John McLelland 

US +(1 602) 655 0777 

[email protected]

Sean & Cherrie Brady 

US +(1 406) 670 1282 / (1 406) 698 0668 

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Stephen Kushturian & Louella Hatfield 

Australia +(612) 9949 6583 / (612) 9949 6538 

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Jon Connolly 

France +(33) 611 420 327 

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Claude Ressos 

Australia +(612) 9684 4948  

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Paula Cooke Ehrlich - Upline Team Elite

Paula prior to joining Nu Skin was a senior executive at Pan Am Airlines.

Richmond Flowers, Jr - Upline Team Elite

At the University of Tennessee, Richmond, Jr was selected as an All-American in both track and football, and despite physical impairments, he set national track and field records. He continued his athletic career with the Dallas Cowboys and with the New York Giants.

Richmond then attended the University of Alabama School of Law, graduating near the top of his class, and went on to practice with on of America's leading law firms. In 1982, he joined Refco, one of the largest futures firms in the world where he became Senior Vice President and top producer. The NBC movie "Unconquered" tells the Richmond Flowers story of struggle to overcome great adversity.

Richmond had been approached by many firms with offers and opportunities which he evaluated but refused. In 1989, he joined Nu Skin. "I have seen phenomenal success in the futures trading industry, but none can compare with what is about to happen as Network Marketing combines with the world's movement into the information age. Nu Skin allows you to build phenomenal income streams.

Danny White - Upline Team Elite

Danny White prior to joining Nu Skin was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys Football team, and went to create a very successful Insurance Company in USA.

J Scott Malone - Upline Team Elite

Scott, prior to joining Nu Skin had his own General Building Contracting business.

Buz Kroner - Upline Team Elite

Buz prior to joining Nu Skin in San Antonio, was the owner and CEO of 17 Wendy's Franchises. 

Larkin Palmer - Upline Team Elite

Larkin Palmer was a property developer prior to joining Nu Skin.

Mark Mabry - Upline Team Elite

Mark Mabry started his real estate career in 1973 at the age of 18. Working in a very dynamic market in the state of Arizona, he was awarded his brokers license at the age of 21, as one of the youngest ever to receive this designation. His professional designations include certified residential specialist C.R.S., certified residential Broker C.R.B. He was the youngest in the united States ever to receive his C.R.B. designation.

In 1982, Merrill Lynch International based in New York City, acquired his real estate firm which consists of 3 Offices and 115 real estate agents sales where in excess of $125 000 000 that year. Mr. Mabry served Merrill Lynch as the regional director for the region for 7 years.

John McLelland - Upline Team Elite

One of the things that first impressed John about this company was vision. It was not necessarily what they had accomplished or where they were at that time, but their vision for the future and their willingness to explore new divisions, new opportunities, and new countries. "Now that vision has become a reality, and that's what continues to excite me. They company is not static, but always progressive."

John was making an incredible income for a person his age (John was the youngest ever in USA to own a surgical distribution business) when he was introduced to Nu Skin.

John says "It is not based on talent or ability, as much as it is on commitment and hard work." He also says it is not enough to be at the right place at the right time, "You must also recognise you're at the right place at the right time and take action."

Sean & Cherrie Brady  - Upline Team Elite

Sean began in the building maintenance industry, setting up his own company and at the age of 24, employing 45 people. He then entered the property development market in Australia then in USA, when Nu Skin came across his path.
Cherrie was a water chemist  working for a corporation in Montana, USA. 

They say "The potential of this organisation is incredible. We believe there is nothing on the planet to equal the chance we have with the Nu Skin corporation."

Stephen Kushturian & Louella Hatfield - Blue Diamond

Stephen was a Civil Engineer 
Louella was an Interior Designer and a Set Designer for Television

Three's Company 

Steve Kushturian, Louella Hatfield and Marcia Hatfield

Some people say "two's company, three's a crowd." In the case of Blue Diamonds, and Millionaire Circle members Louella and Marcia Hatfield and Steve Kushturian, this trio is a very happy crowd. They've worked together now for ten years and in that time have achieved many of their life goals and ambitions.  

It all began when Nu Skin Enterprises opened in Australia in 1993 and Sean Brady returned from the USA with his American wife, Cherie, to build his business in his hometown Sydney market. Sean contacted Louella, an old friend, and introduced her to the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity. At the time Louella was busily occupied as a production designer and art director. She had worked for the major TV networks in Sydney and the BBC in London, and although she enjoyed many aspects of her profession, the opportunity to build something permanent, and create financial security appealed to her. She decided to join the business. 


Initially Marcia was very sceptical about Nu Skin Enterprises. She had freelanced as a TV writer/producer for over thirty years with many top credits to her name, including the first Australian series to be sold to an American Network. However she trusted Louella's judgement and decided to be open-minded and investigate the opportunity further. Having done that and satisfied herself that the business was genuine, she accepted Louella's offer to work together. After all, how many daughters invite their mother to become their business partner? 

Louella and Steve

Steve, Louella's partner in life, was a civil engineer managing a mining operation and was working long hours. The personal care industry was totally alien to his career choice. It wasn't until he realised there was a substantial business opportunity with major income potential behind all the "lotions and potions" that he became interested in what Nu Skin Enterprises had to offer. He decided to join and the three of them agreed to apply the same commitment and energy to their Nu Skin Enterprises business as to everything else they had done. 

Sean and Cherie Brady were wonderful sponsors and worked closely with the trio, providing excellent support and teaching them the necessary skills to succeed in the business. They demonstrated the importance of following a proven system, of being coachable and not trying to reinvent the wheel. Louella, Steve and Marcia soon realised how important it was to take consistent action and ride out the ups and downs of growing the business in order to reach their goals: being willing to sacrifice something in the short term in order to gain the long term advantages. 

They consider themselves extremely fortunate in having so many great people join their team. Building a successful business is a team effort. Some of those with whom they worked have become their closest friends now, including Australian Blue Diamond Executive, George Calligeros and New Zealand Blue Diamond Executives, Kirsty and Paul Cooke. Another up-and-coming Aussie Executive is Jon Connolly, currently building his business in France.  

One of the reasons Louella and Steve joined was their love of travel. Nu Skin Enterprises has given them many opportunities to do just that. They have lived in London, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Singapore for lengthy periods and all three have travelled extensively to many other wonderful places. They agree however, that travel is not an essential part of this business, especially in Australia which is such a multicultural society. 

"Without leaving home, your business can spread around the world. For example, last year we earned an income from thirty different countries, many of which we've not been to. We're also excited about the opportunity and current timing in the Australian market. We see tremendous growth; there are so many amazing things the business has to offer here that the challenge is choosing which aspect to focus. The opportunity is bigger today than when we started." 

Jon Connolly - Blue Diamond
Jon is a Lawyer and was a Senior Banking Executive for Indosuez Bank 

Jon Connolly Success Story


My Nu Skin® journey began in Australia.

Although my professional background was in law and banking, I owned several fruit and vegetable supermarkets around Sydney. In 1994, the Australian economy was in a deep, harsh recession and this did not only have a devastating effect on my supermarket business, but also on my personal life. I was working nonstop, seven days a week and still losing money. It was at that point that I said to myself that "there has to be a better way.”

Even though I did not want to hear about it then, my sponsor, Blue Diamond Executive, Louella Hatfield, insisted on telling me about a new business opportunity. Louella told me that I could sell and distribute Nu Skin® products around the world and earn a good income. She said that I would not have a capital investment risk, stock, a boss, employees, rent to pay, account receivable, paperwork and so on. In other words, I would no longer have any of the "headaches" of a traditional business that I was now facing every day, and best of all, I would have the most invaluable thing: "freedom".

Of course, I did not understand a word she was saying. I simply     could not understand how this was all possible. I had friends around the world who had freedom but no money and others who had money but no freedom.

Luckily, I had an open mind and since I consider myself an entrepreneur, I was intrigued and was ready to listen some more.

In 1994, the world was at the beginning of the internet revolution. It was changing very fast, a new globalised economy was emerging and the way we do business was going to be different. Computers, microchips and the Internet were sweeping away the old world and bringing about new businesses     and opportunities. I realised that Nu Skin® was one of the new type of emerging companies made possible by the Internet and that this was "the better way" I had been dreaming of.

Of course, I knew that the products I would be distributing had to be the best, so I bought them and tested them, and although the range was limited to approximately 30 products, they were fantastic! Moreover, I knew that Nu Skin®’s corporate management team had to be the best, so we met up with them (remember this was pre-Google times). I met Blake Roney, Steve Lund and several other very important people and I was impressed by their vision and ethics. I knew they were people I could trust.

In 1994, Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. put the perfect vehicle for success into my hands - a turnkey business distributing great products from a great corporation. However, I had to drive the vehicle myself and the success depended entirely on my hard work. I became an Executive, I had my freedom and I had a decent income, which paid my rent and fed my family. I worked extremely hard and I enjoyed myself. I had my ups and downs but eventually I became a Blue Diamond Executive. Today, the adventure continues and I am grateful to my friends and family who have been there with me. Most of all, I am grateful to this superb company, made up of exceptional people, both corporate employees and independent Distributors, for what they have made possible for me.

What is the secret of success? Thanks to Sean Brady, Team Elite, I know. Many years ago he told me: “Jon, the secret of becoming a Nu Skin® Blue Diamond Executive is to just be there when it happens and never, ever, ever, ever give up.”


Claude Ressos - Ruby
Claude was a School Teacher

Success Story 

Ripple Effect 

Claude Ressos, emigrated to Australia 16 years ago. She was introduced to Nu Skin Enterprises while teaching and was attracted by the idea of financial freedom. "I saw a way of achieving a great lifestyle where I can have, do and be anything I want," she recalls. Claude loves the concept of being successful by helping others to be successful and quotes Zig Ziglar’s philosophy "You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people to get what they want." Claude believes that Nu Skin Enterprises is a business that anybody can do once they decide they can. "In this business you learn a lot about people and what I enjoy doing is showing people that anything is possible in life! This business is the best training for personal growth!

I love it" she enthuses. "I know I have become a better person. This business requires it. It has inspired the people around me, especially my children, who are all interested in personal growth and are very goals orientated. Claude shares her passion with her husband, Philippe. "We both have learned so much and look forward to consistently improving ourselves, the lives of our family and of our down-line," she says. "Real success comes from changing ourselves. The actions we take and the example we set, create a ripple effect that impacts on those around us in a positive way. Our network grows only as fast as we do." "I’m grateful for the amazing leaders I work with: my up-line Sean & Cherrie Brady, Marcia and Louella Hatfield, Stephen Kushturian and Jon Connolly and all the wonderful, positive, motivated people I meet through my business and especially my awesome Team! Thank you all for your inspiration," says Claude.

Ruby Executive, Claude Ressos, New South Wales

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