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 SSSign up:

Go to, choose your Country
Go to Sign up 
Register as a Distributor (Wholesale Prices) or Customer (Retail Price)&


Sign up: 
Register as a Distributor (Wholesale Prices) or Customer (Retail Price). Place order: 

for a Distributor "ageLOC Business in a Box" (#07134672 for Australia) 

for a Customer "ageLOC Spa Packages" (#07134658 for Australia) or Products of their choice.

Organise Auto-Delivery Rewards (ADR)

Go online: Go to, choose your Country or go to your website Go to Sign up 

or Call the Company:1300 NU SKIN/ 1300 687 546 (for Australia)

or Go to the Nu Skin Walk in Centre (for Australia) in North Ryde (Sydney): The address is: 2 Eden Park Drive North Ryde (off Waterloo Road, between Wicks Road and Lancove Road)


International Sponsorship:
A Nu Skin ID is valid everywhere Nu Skin is open.... but for each Country, you need a Global Advantage Sponsor Packet (GASP). Europe is considered to be one Country for Nu Skin, so one GASP (International Sponsor Agreement (ISA) & Product Purchase Agreement (PPA)) to download from the internet plus payment (Au$13.50), is good for all Europe.
If you want to sponsor in another Country, you need to fill out an ISA (Au$9) (except if you have a "nsedreams" website) If you want to buy in another Country, you need to fill out a PPA (Au$4.50)

GASP (Global Advantage Sponsor Packet:

Click on "International Sponsor Agreement" & "Purchase Agreement" for the Country you need


Go through the Getting Started Checklist & Train your New Distributor!

Getting Started Checklist:

Getting Started Checklist (Australia)

Complete* each of the following items to begin your Nu Skin Business:

*The only required purchase is a $40 not for profit Business Portfolio. However we recommend following these steps to jump-start your business.

o Register as a distributor and purchase the $1,950 ageLoc Business in a Box (Order #07134672)

o Your NuSkin ID ________________

o Your Personal NuSkin login ID __________  

& password __________

o Setup your monthly Auto-Delivery Rewards (ADR) Order. We recommend the ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels twin Pack, ageLOC VITALITY + LifePak ADR Package (Order #07134676), it contains:

§ 2 boxes ageLOC gels

§ 1 ageLOC Vitality

§ 1 LifePak

We also recommend you to add a “Nourish the Children’s Vitameal” Donation to your ADR

§ 1 Vitameal Bag   (Order #07113523) or

§ 2 Vitameal Bags  (Order #07113524) or

§ 5 Vitameal Bags  (Order #07113527)

o Purchase your FAST START TRAINING PACKET from your sponsor for $85.

Package includes: 

120 day Ruby Plan diary

System 7 FAST START audio

Presentation Flip Chart

Book "Your First Year in Network Marketing"

Tickets to 3 “Team Elite Universities” (TEU). 

o For other Markets, FAST START TRAINING PACKET is available on under the “Store” link. The password is always the name of the current month i.e. if today is March 15, the password will be March

o Get into Action by listening to and following Getting Started part 1, which is included in your Fast Start Training Packet. It is also available on under the “Getting Started” link.

o Complete and Fax Direct Deposit form (Fax: 9491 0907 for Australia) to receive monthly pay

o Subscribe to the OTG-S7S email list found on the upper right hand corner of

o Set a Goal to be CORE immediately – Begin by replacing products in your home with NSE products.

o Use System 7 – Take Action Now 


 Are you CORE?

1. 15 Presentations a month

2. 100% Product User

(use at least 25 Nu Skin products in your house)

3. ADR

• 100+ PSV Personal ADR Monthly

• ADR order ships by 5th of each month

• Maintain at least 10 Circle Group ADR’s monthly,

which includes retail customers.

4. Read a System recommended book 20 minutes daily

(see recommended reading list below)

5. Listen to one system 7 CD daily (includes Generals call, Fast Start Training CD’s, Best of Success Summit CD’s and DVD’s and other material available on

6. Attend all meetings recommended by The System

7. Be a Team Player



1. GOALS (refer to the 120 Day Ruby Plan description below)







• Duplication

• Edification

• Respect Crossline

• Coaching



How To Sign Up A New Distributor:

To sign someone up via the phone:

a. Have all the following information available:



Phone Number

Email address


Sponsor ID

b. Call 1300 NU SKIN (1300 687 546). Follow as prompted.

c. When customer service picks up, tell them you want to sign up a new distributor and place their order.

d. They will ask you for your ID# and will prompt you for the new distributor information, listed above.

e. The new distributor will then be given an ID #.


f. You will want to set up their username and password for online access to their account.

i. Username: email address

ii. Password: ageLOC (Once the account is set up, they can then place orders on their account.)


The sign-up process for a new customer is the same.

Once you have registered the new Distributor, you will be able to order their Business Builder order during the same phone call.


To place the order, complete the following steps:

1. In addition you will need their credit card #, expiration, name on card, and security code (CVV).

2. Place their initial order: Business Builder Package

*Note: the only required purchase is a not for profit $40 Business Portfolio

3. Set up their $100+ ADR (minimum $100 monthly order to be eligible to receive commissions).

Being a “product of the product” is essential for success.



The 120 Day Ruby Plan is designed to help you become a Ruby Executive* in Nu Skin in your 4 months. Becoming a Ruby executive can change your life. Nu Skin statistics have proven that those who achieve Ruby Executive status experience

further success in the Nu Skin compensation plan at much higher rates than those who do not achieve Ruby status. The 120 Ruby Plan puts you on a path to Ruby right from your very 1st day. The components of the Plan are:

1) A link to the 120 Day Ruby Plan area at

2) A 120 Day Ruby Plan Journal

3) Participation in CORE Team Calls every day

4) Participation in a RUBY Call once a week

5) Access to the Ruby Plan duplication model

Register on this will help OTG and your upline in supporting you in your 120 Day Ruby goals. This will allow you to receive critical communication central to the month of the plan that you are currently in. You will be able to make commitments to yourself that will enable you to move forward to greater success.

The 120 Day Ruby Plan Journal will cover 120 days of your life. It will help to focus you on the DAILY activities you need to accomplish to help you come out of the 120 Days as a Ruby Executive in Nu Skin. Once you do so you will receive Ruby recognition at Corporate and OTG System 7 events. You will also earn a trip to Nu Skin’s World Headquarters in Provo, Utah.

This event is a highlight in every Nu Skin leader’s life. For details on the requirements to qualify for this trip contact your account manager.

Core Calls are where you and your 2 closest friends in the Nu Skin business share success stories and overcome obstacles you will face as you build your business.

Core calls are arranged between yourselves and you will speak to each other at least daily. You can listen to an audio description of a Core call behind the login at under Tools & Info under System 7 Training.

Ruby Call. Once a week you will participate in a Ruby Call. This is a conference call where you have the opportunity to learn from other successful leaders in Nu Skin. This Ruby call is conducted by an upline Ruby Executive or higher that is part of your Nu Skin upline. You will receive coaching and training. You will learn how to invite and present. You will participate in helping others on the team with 3 way calls.

Ruby Plan Duplication Model.  This video by Leif Edmunds is an excellent description of how you want to build your Ruby business. You can watch this video behind the login at under the GETTING STARTED

link. As you view this video and begin to build your group, follow the model as closely as you can. Your organisation will never appear exactly like Leif shows you but you should strive to duplicate it as depicted in the video. By building your team in this way you will create an organisation with depth and strength. Learn how the money flows out of the Nu Skin Sales Compensation Plan as you follow this model.

The journey to Ruby Executive is one of the most rewarding and challenging accomplishment you will ever achieve. Stay focused. Stay on task. Stay committed to this goal. You will be glad you did.

Welcome aboard.

Claude Ressos



These people are resources you should use in building your business.


                              Name                 Phone                  Email


Sponsor      ___________________________________________________________


Upline Exec ___________________________________________________________


Upline Exec ___________________________________________________________


Upline Exec ___________________________________________________________


Upline Exec ___________________________________________________________


Upline Exec ___________________________________________________________


Upline Ruby Executive



Upline Blue Diamond





Fast Start Training


Date: __________    Location: _________________________


Team Elite University


Date: __________    Location: _________________________


Opportunity Meetings (Recommended by upline)


Date: __________    Location: _________________________


Time: _____________________________________________



Name                                            Phone Number








at _______: ______ am/pm




On _______ at _______: ______ am/pm


Contact Your Sponsor or Upline Executive for this Information



List the Most Influential Contacts in these Networks


          Family           Friends           Business         Community


1  __________      __________      _________      _________


2  __________      __________      _________      _________


3  __________      __________      _________      _________


4  __________      __________      _________      _________


5  __________      __________      _________      _________


6  __________      __________      _________      _________


7  __________      __________      _________      _________


8  __________      __________      _________      _________


9  __________      __________      _________      _________


10__________      __________      _________      _________




Think & Grow Rich for the 21st Century by Napoleon Hill

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino

Its Not about the Money by Bob Proctor

Lessons From Great Lives by Sterling Sill & Dan McCormick

Seven habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Peaks & Valleys by Spencer Johnson

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy

Success Built to Last by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery & Mark Thompson

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan J. Millman

Winners Never Cheat by Jon M Huntsman

Ethics 101 by John Maxwell

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson



Best of Success Summit CD and DVD

Building Your Networking Business by Jim Rohn

The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy

Seven habits of Highly Effective Network marketers by Stephen Covey



Peaceful Warrior



To order your Nu Skin Independent Distributor business cards go to:

or (or link there thru “Store” tab)

Choose the “Custom Print” tab and select the initial business card template of your choice. Here you will be able to mix-n-match options, enter your information, and select quantities.

Some options allow you to upload a photo. Photos should be in a high resolution .jpg format. You will have the opportunity to proof your business cards at this point (online) before they print. Caution: once you approve the proof and purchase the business cards you will not be able to make additional changes.


OTG –S7S –

After listening to and following Getting Started part 1, you can now refer to the other training videos found on behind the login.



Orders & ADR: 1300 NU SKIN/ 1300 687 546

Distributor Support: (02) 9491 0900 North Ryde

Walk-In Centre: (02) 9491 0955 North Ryde

Address: 2/2 Eden Park Drive, North Ryde, NSW

Online Product Support email: [email protected]




this is your main recruiting site


• this is your main follow up site


• for all other information

• - Main international site to all countries

• - Australia site



Australia call:

• Live Opportunity Conference Call - Monday 8.30pm Sydney time 1800 153 721 code 461871#  


US calls:

• Pre-Recorded Call  +1-480-289-7000

• Live Generals Call – Monday – Friday 8:00am MT +1-512-225-3400 code 77546#

• Live Opportunity Call – Tues, Wed, and Thurs 7:00pm MT +1-512-225-3400 code 77546#

• Month End Opportunity Conference Calls - Last Day – 2 separate calls on +1-512-225-3400 code77546#

• Saturday Millionaire Training – 9:00am MT +1-512-225-3400; code: 77546#;

• Sunday Night Training – 7:00pm MT +1-512-225-3400; code: 77546#


Getting Started Checklist (US & other Countries)

Get your Fast Start Training Booklet (US) at

Go to "Downloads" 


New Distributor Training (NDT) Assignment:

Please go through this at the time of sign up with your new distributor and make sure it is all completed prior to the New Distributor Training (NDT) taking place. It is important that this NDT is done within 2-3 days of becoming a Distributor.

Schedule your New Distributor Training

Date: ______________________________

Time: _______________________________

Location: ____________________________________________________

1. Complete the Goals and Commitments Sheet (Bring to the New Distributor Training)

2. Use all the products

3. Write a list of names with phone numbers of people who know each other in each of the following category: Friends/ Family/ Business/ Community (FFBC)  (Remember NOT TO PREJUDGE and bring these to the New Distributor Training) 


Goals and Commitments:

The first thing you need to do before building your business is to complete your goals and commitment sheet prior to your New Distributor Training taking place.

Please complete the following and bring it with you to your New Distributor Training.

Do not worry about what is achievable or not achievable, just right down where you see yourself.

Just a tip, most people tend to overestimate what they can achieve in the short term and underestimate what they can achieve in the long term.


I am earning $ ___________________ per month in 6 months.

I am earning $ ___________________ per month in 1 year.

I am earning $ ___________________ per month in 5 years.

2. I will dedicate ________ hours per day and ________ hours per week to building my business.

3. I will invite ______ people per day/ ______ people per week to look at this business.

(How many people will you invite to look at the business - not do a presentation to)

4. I commit to attend ______ weekly business briefings and ______ trainings per month and to do team calling.

(To build a large network, you need to attend all business meetings and trainings)

5. In order to achieve my goals, I plant to submit my LOI ( “Letter Of Intend” or Qualification to become Executive) to become an Executive by __________________. 

(If your 6 month goal is over $500 per month, it is important to submit your LOI in the first month).

6. Why are you doing Nu Skin? With the following, the more detailed, the better to visualize.

What is it that I will change in my life as a result of my success in my business?





Once I have reached my financial goals, what are some specific things I would like?



New Distributor Training (NDT):

The New Distributor Training (NDT) should be done within the first 2 to 3 days after the new distributor has joined the business. This is when the new distributor is most excited. The longer you leave after this date, the less chance of anything happening as they have forgotten what has got them excited in the first place.

Just go through the following items.

1. Check the New Distributor Training Assignments have been completed

i) Have you used all the products?

ii) Have you written down your 4 categories (FFBC) name list?

iii) Have you completed your Goals & Commitment Sheet?

2. Review the products and answer and product usage questions

Make sure you have already started using the products and identify which products you like best. If you don’t believe in and use the products, the business won’t work. In essence, you are the CEO of your own company and as a CEO, you must know from personal experience about every product. Understand the significance of what would happen if you eliminated even one product from your Downline’s usage.

For example, imagine your group has grown to over 1000 people and no one is using or effectively promoting LifePak. This means approx. 67 000GV is being lost per month, not including any other complimentary products that could be ordered at the same time. That is approximately a difference of $5000 per month in your pay cheque just from that 1 product not being used and promoted through your group.

At the end of this training, book a time to get together to go through the products in more detail.

3. Importance of duplication and coachability

These are 2 of the most important concepts of the entire business. Success in this business is directly linked to effective duplication and being coachable. Pay attention to everything that is taking place in this training, since you will be the strongest influence on your Downline, make it count! What your distributors see and do is what they will teach their Downline. People do what you do, not what you say. Accepting coaching from your Upline is critical to your success. It is the responsibility of the sponsor and Upline executive to coach the new distributor in order to shorten the learning curve. Don’t reinvent the wheel; simply add your personality to an already successful system. Duplication includes attending meetings and training events to support your Downline. Maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges that will come your way as you are building the business. When you are up, call your Downline, when you are down, call your Upline.

4. Review Goals & Commitments

Review the Goals & Commitments that were completed for this training. Make sure that there is a strong ‘why’. Go through the goals and dream. Discuss your business plan – how many hours you are willing to put in each week, and what you want to be earning in 90 days, and 1 year from now. Goals clearly defined and written down create the ‘why’ you are doing the business. The ‘why’ is the driving force of your business. Not having goals is like being in a boat with out a rudder, you never end up where you want to go.

5. Explain the Sales Compensation Plan

Go through the Sales Compensation Plan. Understand the difference between being a distributor and an executive in earnings potential. To make large incomes, you need to become an Executive. Understand the importance of beginning your executive qualification by submitting your Letter of Intent (LOI) to become an Executive. This LOI is automatic when you meet the first month qualification requirements.

6. Schedule Business Presentations and Team Calling

1. Schedule your Launch Meeting – otherwise known as In-Home. This meeting is the meeting for you, the new distributor to launch your business by having a few people have the opportunity presented to them by your sponsor and Upline executive. Only do this if you are beginning the process to become an Executive straight away and have purchased the 1000 point executive qualification packs.

2. Schedule Team Calling – to book appointments for the launch meeting, weekly Live Opportunity Conference Call on Monday nights and for the regular weekly BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting). Team calling is when you get together with your Upline and make calls together to your prospects to book appointments.

3. Schedule times for 2 on 1 presentations and book in any other BOM meeting and training events that are scheduled. Note: All of the above activities will launch you into action, which will produce results.

7. Review Inviting Techniques

Inviting is the first and one of the most important skills you will need to master in order to be successful in this business. Never try to present the business over the phone. We have Live Opportunity calls conducted by experienced leaders in the business, to do this for you. Your job is to get your prospects to listen to these calls or to arrange a time to meet with you and your sponsor. The key to inviting is to create curiosity, not satisfy it.

Make sure you do not prejudge and exclude any prospects. Always keep adding to your contact list. Remember when you begin to contact your prospects, you are not soliciting, but offering a business idea that could literally change the life of the prospect. Your only job is to expose them to the information so they can make a decision based on the facts.

Become familiar with the inviting scripts. Spend 10 minutes now and role-play inviting and call your sponsor and practice inviting over the phone. It is critical that you meet with your sponsor or Upline executive within a few days of this New Distributor Training to help make your first few calls or do 3 way calls together for the first few invites. This is essential, do not skip this step. No matter how much you read on how to ride a bike, you never actually learn to ride a bike until you get out there and do it! Your sponsor &/or Upline Executive is there to help coach you, brushing off the dirt when you make mistakes and then get you back out on that bike!

These phone calls will help launch your business as you will be inviting people to check out your new venture in one of the following ways;

i) Watch

ii) Having a few friends around at your house (In-home Business Launch)

iii) Meet your business partner (called a two-on-one meeting)

iv) Listen to the Weekly Live Opportunity Calls.

v) Come to a Business Opportunity event (meeting at a venue).

8. Commitment & Focus

This is a business and requires patience, persistence and a productive commitment to achieve significant results. Are you committed long term? It is important to focus on the positive aspects of the business. Not everybody you introduce to NSE is going to be as excited as you are about it (as unbelievable as that may seem). The idea is to introduce the business to enough people so that you will find the one’s who are at the right place and right time in their lives to do this business. Don’t take the no’s personally. They are rejecting the business, not you. The ‘no’s don’t matter. Keep your mind focused on your objective – those who say ‘yes’.

9. Maintaining your volume

Retailing takes place in 1 of 2 ways.

i) By contacting someone directly about the product and

ii) By presenting the business and the ones who are not interested in building the business purchase products or get on Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) to have products received same time every month. We call this second approach, retail by default.

You should use both methods. It is a recommendation that whilst you are on your way to Blue Diamond and finding Executive leaders, you should also build a consumer base of around 10 ADR’s over time. You can do this very effectively with ageLOC VITALITY, ageLOC Galvanic Spa treatment gels, ageLOC Transformation and also LifePak, g3 and "Vitameal" (Nourish the Children - NTC).

10. Know your Upline


Get to know your Upline, keep in touch with them as well as your sponsor and immediate Upline executive. These details should have been completed in the Getting Started Booklet (Getting Started Checklist), and if it has not been done as yet, then please do that now. 



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