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Network Marketing (Social Enterprises) Facts:

88 million people around the world are involved in social enterprise, generating more than $132 billion in sales.

There are 60 000 Social Enterprises Companies & a new one created every day.

11 have reached $1 Billion in annual turnover.

Nu Skin is 1 of the 11. Nu Skin is the youngest and fastest growing Company & it pays it's distributors much much more!


Anti-ageing market Facts:


By 2025, the anti-ageing market is projected to grow to $1 TRILLION

By 2015, the anti-aging industry will grow by:

76% in the U.S.

73% in Europe

72% in Japan

82% in Asia/Pacific

Nu Skin Facts:

Nu Skin has created more millionaires than any other direct sales company on the NYSE.

Nu Skin has paid over us$8 Billion in distributor commissions in only 27 years of operation.

Nu Skin paid us$730 million in worldwide commission in 2011 alone.

Over 780 distributors have earned us$1 million in Nu Skin commissions.

25 distributors have earned us$20 million in Nu Skin commissions.

2 distributors have earned us$50 million in Nu Skin commissions.

Nu Skin is now creating a new millionaire every 5 days & a new 1000 earner every 90 minutes. 

We are in Momentum!  

Shares have gone from $8 to $60 in a few short years & Investors (like Forbes, The Motley Fool...) recommend Nu Skin as a BUY (NYSE: NUS)

Nu Skin was voted by Forbes as one of the 100 "Most Trustworthy Companies." (Top 5 mid cap Companies)

"Nu Skin has found a successful niche and is coming out with new products each year. This is the ‘Apple’ of the anti-aging companies.” July 26, 2011,

Nu Skin Key Points:

Most Innovative Company– American Business Awards

One of Fastest Growing Public Companies-2011

Global opportunity – 53 countries

Record revenue - $2.49 Billion 2011

NYSE: Symbol - NUS’s – 1 of 100 most Trustworthy companies

Dun & Bradstreet 5A1 rated

27 years of success 


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