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System 7 Steps

System 7 Steps (S7S)

1) Goals - Executive in 48 hours, Ruby in 120 days
2) Contacts - Make 4 lists, Friends, Family, Business and Community (FFBC)
3) Invite - use our scripts - Take Action, Sense of Urgency 
4) Present - use the tools.
5) Follow up - upgrade and get commitment
6) Getting Started - " Getting Started Videos" on
7) Teamwork -  4 principles:
                    1) Duplication - Follow the system
                    2) Edification - Build a culture of edification 
                    company, products, sponsorship line, sideline/crossline, downline.
                    3) Respect - downline, upline, crossline
                    4) Coaching 
System 7 - CORE Leader - Seven Habits: Be a Core Leader. Everyone should strive to be a Core Leader. A Core Leader has the following System 7 Habits:

     1) 15 Presentations a month
     2) 100% product user. If you replace everything that you use on a regular basis with Nu Skin products and that repeats downline, your volumes will go through the roof.
     3) ADR - 2 new frontline ADR/ Month
     4) Read System 7 Recommended Book 15 minutes daily
     5) Listen to 1 System 7 CD Daily (including conference calls)
     6) Attend all meetings recommended by Upline
     7) Be a team player


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